Thursday, March 11, 2010


"This is a comp of DFW bands that played around at places like Moontunes, SpiderBabies, Red Blood Club, house shows. etc. back in the late 90's early 2000's. It was collective effort between all the bands. 500 copies were released and given out at shows to promote the short lived 5 Elements label.
Some people may remember Liquid Brain-O/Urine Trouble because their leadman (Brian )promoted tons of shows back then. Also "Yarn of the Moonfruit" who were the guys behind "Moontunes" and a really awesome noise band. For those who don't know (Moontunes) was the main DIY venue of that era. I lost the insert with the track names but here's the bands:

LiquidBraino/Urine Trouble = tracks 1-3
Full Court Press = Tracks 4-6
LISTEN = tracks 7-10
Yarn of the Moonfruit = tracks 11-12
Duck X-ing = tracks 13-15
Stocc Bnowr = tracks 16-18"


  1. i'd love to contribute to getting some more artists included on here. here's a few links, but i'll have to dig for artwork/pictures on some:

    Bear Is Driving - Attic Is demo

    Bear Is Driving - Tranny

    OMG You're Dead - demo

    War Of The Buttons - Overcoming The Sales Resistance Of Potential Customers

    White Telephone - demo

    Also, i've got some dallas diy (Nick's, 1919) shows posted as part of my live recordings blog at:

    Thanks to everybody for this, found some classics.

  2. That's awesome. I'm so glad this is not forgotten.
    This is Stocc Bnowr. I've been away from the scene for far too long. Came across this in a random internet search.
    5 Elements Music was my little project to pool all of our friends bands together and make a compilation. B Nothing (Brian from Liquid Brain-O) gave a lot of help and support along with the other bands. Brian contributed the artwork.
    I guess my contribution to this was playing bass in Listen and Duck X-ing, my solo music, and getting the CD's manufactured. The bands did everything else.
    Anyone can start a label and get music out to the public. I suggest everyone do so. Especially in the MP3, interenet, email marketing, social network times. Don't be afraid of technology. It's a means to an end just like the vinyl record.

    Here's the full track list...

    Liquid Brain-O
    1)Fermentation of the Brain
    2)T-Backs are Evil
    3)German Engineering / Poor Me

    Full Court Press
    4)Full Court Press
    5)Oliver Miller

    8)Song Of Confusion
    9)excerpt from Candyland

    Yarn Of The Moonfruit
    10)An Introduction on Fragmented Dissidents
    11)Cashless Slave Class

    Duck X-ing
    14)Mad Trigonometry Pt 1

    Stocc Bnowr
    15)Ton of Bricks
    17)Reward (It's All Been Said Before)

    Keep DIY alive!!

  3. Yo scott!!! It's Dave. Glad to see your around!!